PawPrints, LLC

Tasha Stange: CGDD (Chief Garbage Disposal Dog),
Weight Pull Champion

I'm pretty strong, if I do say so myself!

My best record so far for the GSDC weight pulls is 1500 pounds and I have always won the High Percentage award.

I can even beat some of the Malamutes! (They're not very motivated to be close to their owners, like I am!)
Surveying the backyard for intruders - our new house has tons of wildlife!
Look at these ridiculous bunny ears Mom's making me wear!!
Once upon a time, I was VERY reliable in coming back to Mom when I was off of my leash.

Then, I started to stay away a little longer each time and Mom would come looking for me. Pretty soon, we stopped going to the park for those romps...
But I do love my food and my mom and she feeds me very well!

I'm a lot bigger than other female Huskies, weighing in at 58 pounds. I used to weigh 66 before I joined the club!
Oh, I also like to go swimming in creeks and ponds, too!