PawPrints, LLC

Brittney Stange, CEO and First Wife

January 19, 1998 - July 20, 2006

Unexpectedly, we lost our oldest dog, Brittney, last night at the age of eight and a half. She was part Sheltie and part Husky - intelligence from both sides of the dog brain.

We had dinner last night, as usual, since our electric was back on in the morning, but noticed afterwards that she wasn't lingering under our 14 month old Paige's high chair, waiting for scraps. Jason and I searched the inside and outside of our house, front and back yards, then Jason returned indoors to search again while I took Paige to the top of our driveway and whistled for her.

Seconds later, he blasted through the front door with Britt in his arms and a dull, unresponsive look on her face and a fairly limp body. Carrying Paige, I ran towards him, asking where he found her and what happened, but he was crying too hard and gasping for breath to answer.

I rushed back inside, grabbed the phone and called Jason's mom, Marty, who not only loves and owns dogs herself, but also has a soft spot for Brittney since raising her from a pup and enduring the leg surgeries Britt went through as a pup. She was at the grocery store, but Jim, Jason's dad, said he would call her and have her meet us at the emergency animal clinic in Kirkwood. We dropped everything and scrambled into the car, Paige, Jason and Britt all in the back seat, holding on for dear life as I turned my hazards on, brights and honking at anyone in my way on the road.

Jason comforted Britt and kept her going for the long car ride as long as he could, but when we pulled up to the hospital, her poor body had already heaved its last breath...

They tried CPR and we knew it wasn't a great chance, but when they came out and said the horrifying, numbing words "I'm sorry, she's gone already"... nothing could stop the tears. We all petted her, kissed her, and said our reluctant goodbyes, but even the vet tech couldn't answer our questions as to what went wrong. The unanswered questions make it harder to deal with her early death.

Brittney was Jasonís dog through and through, ever since he had mono the month after getting her as a rescued puppy. We had been dating for 6 months, so sheís been a part of our lives as a couple for the whole time. She ended up having two back legs operated on for her cruciate ligaments, so she and Jason essentially recuperated together, bonding in bed.

We all loved this dog for her quirks and spunk and sweetness and her intelligence and loyalty and timidness and all of those qualities we've seen in her for all these years, as much as I love Tasha for her personality traits and Kodi for his.

But, she passed away in Jasonís arms in the backseat of our car, which is probably better than passing away at the hospital. She loved everyone so much, especially our friends Steve, Christina, and their cats :~) She had gotten to the point over the last several months that she would come up nose-to-nose with Paige and give her a quick little kiss!!! It was so cute seeing her at the same height as Paige and learning to enjoy Paigeís sometimes rough petting and eye-poking!

It's going to be so difficult to get through the day, thinking what ifs and what happened and why nows. We couldn't help it, we both did it and it's the only way I could cope last night, was looking for answers as to what happened.

Brittney will forever be laying on our feet, keeping them warm at night, loving and watching over us.

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Ms. Stange rose quickly in stature and status from a lowly pup in the fourth position to the position she holds now as ruling Alpha.

Despite physical handicaps as a young teenager where she underwent three surgeries on her cruciate ligament before her 1st birthday, she is completely healthy and runs every day on the corporate jogging track around the pool.

She also occasionally dabbles in recreational sled dog racing and weight pulling, but her favorite pasttimes are truly that of whipping the "underlings" into shape and discovering many buried treasures in the vast expanses of the Stange bathroom trash can.

This "throne" is quite literal to all of her inferiors; no one dares approach her when she possesses a bone or toy!