John and Michelle Podolak

Adak, Casey and Galen

Pictures at home


Pictures left to right: Adak, Casey and Galen all playing together; Casey and Galen on stairway landing

Both pictures: Galen and Casey taking it verrrrry easy...

These two do not participate in the club events due to health problems, but hopefully they can someday.

Adak greets Brittney and Tasha Stange for the first time at the Winter Carnival 2003!
Little does he know that Tasha is a pint-sized version of his royal bruteness...


John, Adak and Michelle at our April 2004 Valley Park rig practice


Weight pull practice at Marilyn's:
Adak and Kodi Stange have one of those mixed friendships
you don't see too often between a Husky and a Malamute, much less 2 males ... :)


Adak at the November 2004 Eureka Weight Pull


Adak pulling a "light" load and John being a non-typical male...


Do you want to see how much weight goes on a cart to make up 3,145 pounds??


Sweetheart Walk at Susan's


Adak pulling the rig at our February rig practice and in the bottom right above picture,
trotting along finally when we cheered him home - what a HAM!